Window Blockout
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Window Blockout

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Introducing, stylish way to keep unwanted light out of your child’s room, the Window Blockout. Forget tin foil, plastic bin bags and cut up paper, our Window Blockout will change the game for your home, hotel, grandparents or an Airbnb.


Who is the Window Blockout for?

The reusable static cling Window Blockout is the perfect answer for babies and toddlers who need total darkness in their room to sleep. Now in WHITE on both sides, to fit in seamlessly with your nursery decor. The outer side reflects light away from the room to help regulate the temperature of the room for a more pleasant sleep.


Why total darkness?

Some babies and toddlers may have difficulty sleeping in a room that has light in it, whether during day time naps, or early morning light creeping in the curtains. Blocking out the light during naps can help to:

  • Remove visual distraction
    From 6 weeks old, your baby will become more social, and begin to find shapes and movement interesting. For perceptive and alert children, sleeping in a room with lots of things to look at may deter them from sleeping. Blocking out light can remove these visual distractions.
  • Promote melatonin
    The wonderful sleep-regulating hormone melatonin is suppressed by light. Research has shown young ‘childrens eyes let more light in, and are more sensitive to light exposure than adults. Bright lights present around sleep times can be detrimental to helping your child’s body develop a melatonin-secretion rhythm i.e. a ‘body clock’.
  • Regulate a ‘body clock’
    A ‘body clock’ is important in giving the body signals for when it is time to sleep. For babies who have come out of a constantly-dark womb, research shows we can help them develop their body clock by exposing them to light and dark environments at the appropriate awake/sleep intervals.


Do I have to have them on my windows constantly?

No. You can attach the Window Blockout for sleep, and peel back (or remove) the Blockout during awake times. The Blockout is reusable*, meaning it can be re-adhered for the next sleep time.

*proper storage and maintenance will help prolong the life of the Window Blockout.

Additional information

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 47 cm