UV Led Electric Sterilizer | Charming Dark Grey
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UV Led Electric Sterilizer | Charming Dark Grey

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    • LED display to check settings or operation time at a glance, even in the dark
    • One-touch control for easy operation
    • Nine UV LED for complete sterilization (6 up and 3 down)
    • Triple fan system for reduced drying time
    • Microfiber pre-filter to ensure clean air circulation
    • Storage system contents stay germ-free for up to 10 hours
    • Large internal size fits 16 baby bottles only on the top shelf, while the lower shelve can be used for many other items
    • Temperature sensor maintaining 40°C
    • Internal Dimension cm 32 x 26 x 28 (H x L x D)
    • External Dimension cm 38 x 29 x 40 (H x L x W)
    • Warranty is 1 Year
    • Made in Korea

    More details

    Welcome to the new generation of sterilization products for homes.

    Every new parent has to deal with tedious and finicky steam-based sterilization methods. We direct you towards a safer, time-efficient technique that protects your little one (and the rest of the family).

    Spectra UV LED Sterilizer for baby bottles (and household items) is integrated with advanced hospital-grade sterilization technology. It uses a chemical-free UV method to clean the contents inside – keeping your baby germ-free, healthy, and smiling. It features a reflective stainless-steel interior that bounces off the light emitted from nine UV LED. The powerful UV light disinfects everything it touches in a matter of minutes. Its LED display and single-button control system make the whole process hassle-free for busy parents.

    The super-powered triple-drying system allows you to use baby bottles as soon as they get sterilized. Besides its high-tech specifications, you’ll appreciate its stylish design too. This UV Sterilizer for baby bottles fits right in with your other appliances.

    Apart from this, parents can enjoy pre-set programs for time-sensitive sterilization. Options include:

    • Sterilization & Vent: 10 min | 15 min
    • Dry, Sterilization & Vent: 20 min| 30 min| 40 min
    • Dry & Vent: 10 min | 20 min | 30 min
    • Storage: 10 hours

    These settings enable you to set and forget your UV sterilizer until the timer ends – giving you extra time to spend with your family.


  •  1 x UV LED sterilizer
  • 1 x power adapter
  • user manual

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