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Twister Nappy Disposal System | |

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All diapers are not created equal. The same holds true for diaper pails and diaper pail refills too. Prince Lionheart’s TWIST’R® Diaper Disposal Systems are the culmination of years of research, design, engineering and a commitment to putting an end to dirty diapers burning a perma-stench into noses and nurseries everywhere. And they do so masterfully.

Once you drop a diaper into the My Twist’R, you will never smell it again. Guaranteed! Bonus features of the My Twist’R model? You can make it your own by customizing the outer wrap to match your nursery, adorning it with a print, wallpaper or fabric that blends, stands out, or that just makes you happy. This customizable diaper pail is also more affordable than the original odor-eliminating TWIST’R, yet easily assembles to become the same size as the original TWIST’R. Smaller packaging. Greater sustainability. Designed to last. Our patented diaper pails utilize TWIST Technology™ which means all you have to do is Drop. Step. Done.® No kneeling, no cutting, no tying. Ever. And, it is kinder to the environment, which is important to us. Though we make plastics, we also want our kids growing up and being able to see polar bears, so we strive to go green wherever we can: cardboard collars, recycled plastics, less corrugated packaging, fewer truckloads, less greenhouse emissions, and the bags are made at home right here in the USA. Rest assured, you can breathe easy with My Twist’R, and your nose will thank you.

  • Personalize to match your nursery: decorate with your favorite wallpaper, fabric, or any other material. Template included.
  • Outsmarts odors with patented Twist Technology™ and specially-designed odor-trapping bags.
  • Drop. Step. Done.®: toss and forget without getting your hands dirty or ever smelling the diaper again.
  • High capacity bags can store more than a week of dirty diapers: Pampers, Huggies, Kirkland – any disposable brand.
  • Bag removes quickly and easily from the top- no cutting, tying, or kneeling required.

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 29.5 × 32 cm