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Whilst we all know we shouldn’t load our prams up with family gear – we all do, simply because it’s convenient. However, when a baby is lifted or a child hops out of a buggy it can all too easily tip right over if overloaded, causing contents to spill everywhere – frustrating for a parent already juggling children and other bags. Even buggies with young, light babies can be susceptible to tipping if the buggy is seriously overloaded – a scenario that could cause real harm. To the rescue comes the simple My Buggy Buddy Weights, which solve this very common, hugely annoying and potentially dangerous parenting issue. Easy to use, they simply wrap around the buggy or pram frame and Velcro in place to provide an effective weighting system to counterbalance any additional weight put on the buggy. The My Buggy Buddy Weights have been created by two fathers and their practical parenting knowledge shines through in the design and in a number of ways. Whilst many weights are donut shaped and sit above the wheels (where they can interfere with manoeuvrability and get easily soiled) the My Buggy Buddy Weights are a tube shape that wrap around the buggy frame. This slim line design is more discreet, doesn’t interfere with manoeuvrability, sits higher away from ground level so stays cleaner and importantly allows the buggy to be folded down and locked together with the weights still in place. These weights are generously foam covered to prevent marking on the buggy frame. They feature zipped covers which can be easily removed for washing. Long Velcro straps ensure the weights offer a universal fit for all buggies and prams, from those with the slimmest to the thickest frames.

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