Korxx – Beach Balls
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Korxx – Beach Balls

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Korxx develops safe and natural cork toys for children. Korxx creates cork toys. Cork building blocks are exceptional and valuable for learning and play. The cork toys offer unparalleled possibilities for young creative minds. Korxx cork building blocks create impressive and natural toys with a high aesthetic appeal. Some of the most valuable moments for children and parents are creating opportunities to play and learn together. We believe that natural toys should inspire fun, joy, and many moments of happiness. Above all, such a toy has to be safe and not contain any harmful substances. Korxx encourages creativity and Abstract thinking in children. Kids will be motivated by fun and success in their experiences with cork toys. By providing Self-awareness korxx blocks are a great “friend” to bring into a childs world. . It measures 20 cm length by 18.5 cm width by 10.20 cm height. Size: 200 g.